The New Adventure Begins!


Akushon Academy is all set to be released this year, Hooray!!! But that's not the only good news, Akushon Arena Online is also coming soon, and with your help, on its way to the top!

We are super excited to launch the latest version of the Akushon Trading Card Game and want to involve all of you in the development of the digital platform with an NFT drop. We know these days there are NFTs for everything but we plan to not only give you a rare one-off collectible but also a stake in the company because the color palette and character you purchase is literally yours and only yours in the world of Akushon Arena. Sell it, trade it, keep it and dominate the Arena with it. It's literally yours to do with what you want in the entire Akushon Galaxy.

A world in peril


Our world is on the brink of an invasion! A hidden force among us has sapped our energy for decades. We now have the technology to confront this enemy and we need you to train. Choose your team, your champions and battle it out against this threat.


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